"If You Build It..." - What if Nobody Shows Up?

“If You Build It…” – What if Nobody Shows Up?

Image: Empty spots for electric vehicle charging in the otherwise-packed Facebook Menlo Park campus parking lot (September 2012)

Seeing the above reminded me that achieving critical mass is really hard. Building something first is gutsy and is what many entrepreneurs do – but what then? How do you encourage people to use what you’ve built? When do you decide you took action based on flawed assumptions about the market, or your data was wrong? The guys who build first take a big risk – but if adoption happens they stand to reap a big reward. I hope to share some good historical examples here or in a future post. In the meantime when I was looking around I found a few interesting links including this one from Chris Dixon: http://cdixon.org/2009/08/25/six-strategies-for-overcoming-chicken-and-egg-problems/