Feedback - the Best Second Currency for Startups

Feedback – the Best Second Currency for Startups

Feedback is not the primary currency for startups – the primary currency for startups should be CURRENCY! Making money – ladies and gents, trust me on this one, if you don’t have a way to make money and your strategy is to be bought by someone else you’re limiting your options. You’re creating a feature, not a company. But I digress — the point of this post is really to indicate how important feedback is for new products and startup companies, and how I (as CEO of one of them, a very rapidly-growing and awesome startup called Optimal, Inc. at will ask people who ask me for a favor to provide some.

Time permitting, I’m always happy to help out people starting a new venture especially (I know how hard it is), kids wanting to learn about technology, or anyone really who wants to understand social media, tech, advertising or whatever. I’ve been lucky to get the opportunities I have and to be in this industry at this time of disruption and opportunity. I will, however, sometimes ask people looking to pick my brain, for a bit of reciprocity in that process. One right now I’m asking people for feedback about is some of the social data visualizations you can create and share on our free Optimal Explorer tool, for example:

Click on any of these and use your scroll wheel or 2-finger scroll to zoom in and out (create a free account and then create your own and share it with me):

So if you want me to answer your survey questions, or want to pick my brain about something feel free to ask (if you don’t me, feel free to go through someone we mutually know on LinkedIn) but don’t be surprised when I ask you to give me some FEEDBACK on some new-fangled social data whatzit!