comScore Measurement list of “beaconed” sites

Lots of discussion around the comScore $10k fee for measurement, most notably initiated by Jason Calacanis. I happened to stumble across some interesting data along these lines. It appears that the URL used by the beaconing program is (the domain is owned by TMRG, Inc., “an organization dedicated to managing a leading market research community comprised of millions of Internet and mobile consumers from around the globe. The data generated from this community is used to help companies understand trends and patterns online and on the mobile Internet.” TMRG is a service of comScore, so they say.

A few things about this all seemed strange for comScore to say for example that they needed people to subsidize creating this data/storing it; that you needed to pay more for better data and so on. Also that you needed to pay to help them “audit the data” to make sure tags were not incorrectly placed on multiple sites. That’s BS too — any system will be smart enough to make sure it’s only counting pages with the correct URL basis/referrer. But anyway, I digress. The data is worth looking at.

This appears to be the format similar to this <img src=”″ />. Anyway, I just aggregated some of the data around various IDs we saw randomly while looking at other data. Here they are for you to do with as you will, in a scribd format.

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