Give, Don’t Get – making a difference for Earthquake victims

Something important I’m collaborating on with a couple of other tech people is a Facebook page called “Give, Don’t Get”. The idea is that instead of buying something you would like but don’t really need (like an iPad 2 if you already have an iPad for example) – you’ll instead donate that money to a good cause. Hopefully this page will live on and support all kinds of causes: for right now the main one we’re emphasizing is the Save the Children Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund.

Anything helps: just identify something you would have otherwise bought and donate that amount to the charity, and post about it in your social media streams.

1) Figure out how much you want to give, then go to Red Cross or Save the Children (

2) Donate, and take a screenshot of your donation confirmation. Leave out identifying information like address if you like.

3) Visit and post your screenshot to the page’s wall

4) “Like” the page, and post the following to your profile:

Give, Don’t Get – Gave: $xxx to Save the Children (Japanese Earthquake Fund). Didn’t Get: xxxxxx. Visit:

for example:

Give, Don’t Get – Gave: $10 to Save the Children (Japanese Earthquake Fund). Didn’t Get: 2 Large Starbucks Lattes. Visit:

5) Then if you like post to Twitter and to LinkedIn and whereever else you like

Please share this message with other friends and family as well. will be running ads on Facebook for this page as well as a donation, so please even if you choose not to donate please go and like the page today if you can.