Brazil and India Growing Like Crazy on Facebook

Our team put together some global growth numbers for Facebook over the last 1,001 days, including a micro-view over the last 90 days. The part that stood out was the incredible growth coming from Brazil and India over that period. Here is the % of total growth in Facebook users coming from various countries, ordered by size, over the last 3 months:


Facebook added 39.3 million users over this period, of which:

  • Brazil was the biggest growth engine with 7.2 million (18.4% of the total)
  • India was the second largest with almost 5 million (13% of the total)

Brazil makes up just 2.9% of the world’s population, but made up over 18% of Facebook’s growth in this period. India has a low Internet penetration compared to its overall size: at over 1.2 billion people it makes up 18.3% of the world’s population, so the growth there is not as impressive as compared to what is going on in Brazil.