Upstart - What about non-recent graduates?

Upstart – What about non-recent graduates?

I love the idea behind Upstart, which “funds” entrepreneurially-minded recent graduates (2008-2014) in exchange for a percentage of their future earnings. Speaking though, as someone who started a company in their early 30’s, not early 20’s, there are lots of people with an established record of high earning potential who have the knowledge and experience to start enterprises of their own who could similarly benefit from outside funding (for themselves, not their company). In my case I was lucky to be able to cash in on about $100,000 of stock when NexTag was partially purchased by Providence Equity Partners. I think it’s an area well worth exploring and something I have some quite good ideas about. But there will be a lot more you will hear about “human capital funding” in the next few years, that much is for sure.