Kickbacks, shmickbacks

Kickbacks, shmickbacks: The recent Techcrunch story about Publicis agencies being “highly incented” to work with Google products caused a bit of a ruffle – but honestly, why is this such a big deal? If it’s just a more formalized conveyor-belt version of the same “grease the wheels” vendor-agency and agency-client reality the industry (many industries really) has seen in the last 40 years, then its efficiency should be applauded. Plus I’m sure they wouldn’t be doing it unless it’s actually delivering lower costs and better service to the client, and that those can all be quantified specifically (and will be when some clients inevitably ask for it) down to the penny. The market may take its time, but eventually any company working as an agent of another that does not offer the best service possible at the lowest price will lose out to competitors who do. It will be easier for clients to switch agencies than agencies to switch their providers, it seems. The market may just take time but it is inevitable evolution.