Breaking into Silicon Valley

On Quora recently, someone asked the following question:

Breaking Into Silicon Valley: What are the best ways to approach and meet interesting people in Silicon Valley?
I am new to Silicon Valley and am at Stanford GSB for the next year. I am interested in meeting people involved in game changing disruptive ideas / startups / business models esp. in (but not necessarily limited to) enterprise software. Any input on relevant forums, events and Valley etiquette on approaching people would be very welcome.

Here was my answer (which looks a bit silly when they took out the term and replaced it with “disruptive”):

 Etiquette: avoid using phrases like “game changing”

I guess the other piece of advice, which they already have cottoned on to is to “iterate” and wherever possible to disavow previous failed versions, and/or to claim previous failures as fuel or reasons for current success! I’d previously observed how “game changer” as a phrase had increased tremendously in use over the past few years. Here is what it looks like on Google Trends: