The year in websites: 2009 as the “year of the flog”

It might be a little early for “end of year” trends type posts, but following on Jay Weintraub’s excellent dissection of the flog trend from a few months ago, 2009 may be the year of the affiliate blog website (with the fake blog and fake news site being the most popular). I thought it would be interesting to share this list of weight loss flogs. Jay warned me not to visit these sites since some of the creators have since shut them down and replaced them with forwards to not-so-good sites apparently. I didn’t see if that was the case :-). The source for these sites is Nielsen/NetRatings (non-disclaimer, I used to work for NetRatings but did not work there long enough to have any stock, and I guess this list just shows you they don’t discriminate which is good for a market researcher…)
Allison’s Weight Loss
Alyssa’s Rachel Ray Diet Blog
Amazing Brazilian Diet Pill
Amazon Diet
Amy’s Diet Blog
Andreas Weight Loss Blog
Ariana’s Diet Blog
Ashley’s Rachael Ray Diet Blog
Autumn’s Weight Loss
Ava’s Diet Blog
Beth’s Diet Plan
Beverly’s Diet Journal
Brigette’s Diet Blog
Britney’s WeightLoss Story
Celine’s Weight Loss Blog and Tracker
Dani’s Weight Loss Blog
Elisa’s Weight Loss
Heather’s Diet Log
image weightloss centers
Jane’s Weight Loss Secret
Jennifer’s Weight Loss Story
Jenns Weight Loss
Jenny’s Diet Blog
Jenny’s Weight Loss Success
Jen’s Diet Blog
Jill’s Weight Loss Story
Judy’s Weight Loss
Kailey’s Weight Loss
Karen’s Weight Loss
Kathy’s Diet Success
Katie’s Weight Loss
Kim’s Diet
Kim’s Rachael Ray Diet Blog
kimsdietplan com
Kyla’s Weight Loss
Laura’s Weight Loss
Laura’s Weight Loss
Lisa’s Weight Loss
Lorrie’s Weight Loss Story
Losing Weight Gaining Life
Marie’s weight loss secret
Mary’s Weight Loss Blog
Medical Weight Loss Clinic
Megan’s Diet Diary
Melissas Weight Loss Diet
Meloras Weight Loss
Mica’s Weightloss Blog
Mike’s Diet Blog
Molly’s Diet Blog
monica’s weight loss
Natalia’s Weight Loss Story
Oregon Weight Loss Surgery
Rachel’s Weight Loss
Renee’s Weight loss story
Saras Weight Loss Story
Sofia’s Weight loss
Veronica’s Weight Loss Blog
Victoria’s Rachel Ray Diet Blog