Rubicon positions FAN Acquisition as “sacrifice”

I received the email this morning from the CEO of Rubicon Project, Frank Addante – it looks like Rubicon is “sacrificing” millions of dollars of ad revenues by not competing with its partners. Yay! Thanks Rubicon (oh I kid the kids from the Southland!) –  we’ll see how this storyline develops. [also links into the questions about the future of ad networks we’re having on] I’m guessing it was pub relationships and some LA-based developers they are mostly buying. Though curious what the “complete platform” is: maybe it’s in the release I haven’t read yet …. Here’s the email:

NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: the Rubicon Project has acquired the Fox Audience Network (FAN)!


Today we are tremendously excited to announce that the Rubicon Project has acquired the Fox Audience Network (FAN), one of the Web’s most advanced advertising technology platforms, to significantly expand our team in the areas of product and engineering, and continue driving rapid revenue growth for our premium publishers. The acquisition also accelerates the Rubicon Project’s plan to deliver premium Web publishers like you a complete, end-to-end display advertising platform.

In addition to the acquisition news, we’ve achieved profitability significantly ahead of our plan, and raised $18MM in additional funding.

Click here to be directed to the press release with all the details. A couple of points to highlight:

  • the Rubicon Project is not, and will not be, an ad network. We chose not to acquire the advertising sales team that FAN built, sacrificing many millions in annual revenue in so doing. Selling directly to the advertisers that your in-house sales team is reaching out to would put us in conflict with you, our customer, and we won’t do that;
  • We are targeting a launch of the complete platform for Spring 2011. Stay tuned for more news on this, as well as forthcoming sneak peeks…

We have long believed publishers need a better choice. A choice that gives your business the technology, scale and data advantage it needs to compete in an ever-more complex marketplace. FAN’s technology team and assets combined with our financial position and market share mean the Rubicon Project is better poised than ever to offer you that choice. Which is why we say now, more than ever:

Power to the Publishers!

Frank Addante
CEO & Founder