My hobby = PSA spotting

It’s a sick thing to call a hobby, I guess it’s really more of a pastime that I can’t stop doing even when I’m surfing the Web not for work (online advertising). And that’s to be on the look out for PSA’s, or public service ads, or any other type of advertising anomaly.

For the uninitiated, a PSA is something that is served typically when an adserver has nothing else to show – usually it is a mistake since the person who is called on to serve the ad impression has typically paid for that ad and having to show a PSA means they are wasting money since PSAs are, by definition, free and unpaid.

I saw this on IMDB (owned by Amazon) – it looks like not only are they showing a PSA in this ad spot, but it’s showing the wrong size ad in this spot. Double mistake – and looks like the network serving it is Turn due to the image call being from×250.jpg (click to expand)