Good Opt-Out Language serves a LOT of the popunder ads you may see on a variety of sites. Their website allows you to opt out of receiving their pops, which is laudable given the way many popunders have no regard for the wishes of users (even though, they still work for a lot of advertisers). What I found interesting on their opt-out page was the following language beneath:

WARNING: by choosing to opt out you are taking an active position not to support the publishers whose websites you visit and whose content you consume free of charge. In doing so you threaten the long term viability of their operations.

Also, if you were to choose to opt-out, you would see opt-out cookies being placed from a domain called “” – which of course is one of the big ad networks. It appears they don’t want their name associated with delivering popunders, which is why they use an alternate adserving URL. You won’t find their name anywhere else on the website which is written as if it is a separate company. However, the address given in their privacy policy is the same as that of Casale Media’s LA office. Fun stuff indeed.