Getting your Money’s Worth (ouch) on your ad buy: who’s to blame?

Well someone screwed up. It happens, and goodness knows perhaps this might actually increase the response rates on your ads — but probably not. If anyone at Starwood wants to know why this ad is not working that well, it’s either the fault of:

a) The Chicago Sun-Times team, or

b) Whoever trafficks their ads, or

c), the ad network who ran this ad on the page, or

d) The agency who Starwood is having run their ads (dunno who that is), or

e) Someone at Starwood trafficked it incorrectly…?

In any event – what you have is a 160×600 showing up in a 728×90 spot, and showing just enough skin for you to know it’s an ad for Westin. The URL it clicks through to (yes that does work) is

I don’t have a lot of readers, but I’d love to see the comments about where this actually got screwed up 😉