Example @the wrong end of “interest-based” targeting


I contact Fox Sports in order to see how we can get AT&T Uverse to add Fox Soccer Plus where all the rugby is shown (yes it is odd that the Soccer Plus channel has Rugby on it, but never mind) and having just visited the Uverse site as a customer, I get an ad encouraging me to sign up for the service. Check out the screenshot here [new window] that I also helpfully will post to the Fox folks.

Thanks Microsoft Advertising. Thanks AT&T – and other vendors who helped make it happen. The danger of putting ads on a website.

This is mostly a coincidence and/or just wasteful targeting – but the main thing that irks me is actually the little AdChoices icon in the ad. This indicates that this ad was “interest-targeted” (the new name for behavioral targeting) but silly me, expecting a page that tells me how it was targeted I get a generic page [new window] that tells me that Microsoft Advertising served it and how I can opt-out. How bout instead you let me delete whatever information that led me to get THIS ad served to me? Not possible.

Deja vu all over again – I’ve always been annoyed by telcos like Comcast and At&t sending me messages encouraging me to sign up for their service when I’m already a customer – and later realized obviously it might be cheaper for them to do that than to send it to only non-customers: but i really thought we could expect better online.