50 Cent on the Dollar

I’m sure Kaiser Permanente, Ford and Oral-B will be very happy to see their ads showing up all next to each other, having a great time there not only together but also at the very bottom of the page on 50 Cent’s website, Thisis50.com.

Now of course it’s probably not a big deal since there are already two 160×600’s and a 728×90 ad above this one in better view. They’re not actually paying a lot for the ads at the bottom of the page, are they?

Oh did I mention the ads also rotate every 60 seconds? Right now things have changed I’m looking at three Palm Pre Plus ads and another two Oral-B ads (I guess that’s what they mean by showing “3 ads per 24 hours per person”). A small example that illustrates a lot of what is wrong with display advertising — it would be like billboards along the highway if anyone who owned any property could put up as many as they liked.

Ooops by the time I wrote this, I saw ANOTHER two Oral-B ads, a Scion ad, an eBay ad, and a Bestbuy/Windows 7 ad. Thanks Traffic Marketplace, Specific Media and Advertising.com! What a great way to make money and offer incredible consumer value at the same time (not). It’s one thing to ferret out bad sites and fake impressions, but here is a problem that is less about the publisher in my opinion than it is about the ad networks’ incompetence.